Top 10 health benefits of folic acid supplements are revealed

Top 10 health benefits of folic acid supplements are revealed
Top 10 health benefits of folic acid supplements are revealed
Folic acid is known as a B vitamin that aids the body in making healthy new cells. Folic acid is the synthetic (man-made) form of folate, which is found in supplements & added to fortified foods. Besides, folate is know as the generic term for both folic acid and folate that occurs naturally in foods. Recently, made a writing of top 10 health benefits of folic acid supplements. This writing is a collection of useful information about folic acid or folate from reliable sources. However, it is not intend to give medical advice and it is solely for the informational purpose. Keep reading this writing to learn more!

Top 10 Benefits Of Folic Acid Supplements On Health Are Revealed

If you want to get folic acid into your daily diet naturally without using drugs or pills, you can eat foods, vegetables, and fruits rich in folate.
These foods are dark green leaves (celery, cauliflower, and lettuce), bananas, oranges, beets, beans, bread, pasta tube, breakfast cereals, pasta, cereal, okra, rice, eggs, asparagus, fish, animal liver (chicken, beef, pork,), fungal, yeast and other folate-rich foods, vegetables and fruits. Here are top health benefits of folic acid supplements you should know:

1. Reduce The Risk Of Neural Tube Defects In The Fetus

Folic acid helps reduce the risk of getting neural tube defects in the fetus. Folic acid is necessary for the formation of red blood cells. Lack of folate in the diet of a pregnant woman will influence the process of hematopoiesis and developing fetus, be causing risks to infants such as underweight, and neural tube defects (Spina nerves, lack of a part of the brain, spinal openings, and other conditions).
2. Reduce Homocysteine In The Blood 
Increased folic acid intake has the effect of reducing homocysteine in the blood. The increased level of homocysteine in the blood is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke. Besides, folic acid is essential for the healthy development of the body. It is engage in the production of genetic materials in the nucleus (DNA) and many other functions in the body.
3. Folic Acid Helps Prevent Memory Loss (Alzheimer) 
The folic acid or vitamin B9 can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer. Many researchers recommend that it is necessary to add more folate-rich foods into older people’s daily diet to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease (or dementia) in older people. At this age, they should take about 0,4mg of folic acid per day. In addition, folic acid is often use to reduce the side effects of drug therapy, lometrexol, and methotrexate (drugs hinder the growth of cells).
4. Folic Acid Increases The Hearing Acid Folic 
Results of the program of folic acid supplementation into wheat powder in the US and the Netherlands showed that in both countries, the incidence of hearing loss due to age less than compared with other countries.

5. B Group Vitamins And Folic Acid Helps Deal With A migraine 

Replenish B group vitamins and folic acid will help patients combat the symptoms of weakness caused by suffering migraine. So, if you are suffering from a migraine, you just need to eat more foods and vegetables that are rich in folate. These foods will help you deal with your migraine quickly and easily. You will discover other benefits of folic acid supplements on health if continue reading this writing!
6. Folic Acid May Help Combat Hypertension In Women
Brigham Hospital (US) discovered that folic acid may reduce the risk of high blood pressure. In addition, some people eat folic acid directly with gum to treat gum infection disease.

7. Folic Acid Reduces The Risk Of Colon Cancer And Heart Disease

A study made by Harvard University (US) showed that folic acid has the ability to reduce colon cancer. Besides, folate deficiency may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.
8. Folic Acid May Prevent Ovarian Cancer  
The absorption of folate is higher leading to the risk of developing ovarian cancer will be lower. Besides, folate deficiency can cause breast cancer or colon cancer. Folic acid is also used in other conditions commonly associated with diseases such as ulcerative colitis, liver disease, alcoholism and kidney failure. If you want to know more about health benefits of folic acid supplements, keep reading the next part of this writing!

9. Folic Acid Can Treat Asthma 

Folic acid can help regulate the immune response of the body against pathogens causing allergies; as a result, it can reduce the symptoms of asthma and allergies.
10. Folic Acid Helps Prevent Anemia Or Folic Acid Deficiency 
Folic acid use in the prevention and treatment of anemia or folic acid deficiency. The symptoms of anemia or folic acid deficiency often lead to fatigue, shortness of breath, sore tongue, loss of appetite and the inability of intestinal absorption of nutrients in a normal way, reducing resistance and immunity.
To see all of our writings about benefits and side effects of vitamins, minerals, foods and fruits on health and beauty, healthy diet plans, and tips to eat healthily, go to our main Nutrition page. After reading the writing of top 10 health benefits of folic acid supplements, hope that this writing helps you understand more about functions of folic acid in the human body and helps you know how to get it into your body naturally and properly. However, it is solely for the informational purpose and it is not intend to give medical advice, so make sure that you will consult with your medical practitioner before increasing the folic acid intake into your body. If you have any questions, or you know other benefits of folic acid, please leave them below.
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